[ic] Braintree payment processing

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 19:24:13 UTC 2010

>> Are you saying we should be able to connect to their API with perl whether
>> they realize it or not?
> Definitely. Unless they go out of their way to be silly about it -- and even
> if they did, you have the source so you can mimick whatever they do -- they
> have no clue what language you're using.
> The client libraries are using the "raw API" that they say you can't use.
> What they likely mean is that they don't support developers who roll their
> own.
> Jon

When you say it like that it makes perfect sense.  Thank you.  I'll
start digging deeper over there.  If they aren't willing to provide
perl libraries, maybe they would be willing to sponsor or partially
sponsor the creation of them.

Assuming that won't work, is anyone interested enough in this to work
on it?  If not, would anyone be interested in pooling resources to get
it done?

- Grant

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