[ic] interchange hanging

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Sun Jun 6 02:31:47 UTC 2010

On 06/06/10 12:23, Dan Bergan wrote:
> If anyone could help me tracing the source of this problem, I would
> really appreciate it:
> Interchange 5.4.5
> Periodically, my catalogs will become unresponsive.  When I ssh in to
> my server, I see one interchange process taking all the cpu.  I don't
> see anything out of the ordinary in the interchange logs, but in my
> apache logs I see "premature end of script headers" for one catalog,
> in another catalog the apache log says "ALERT: Interchange server not
> running".
> Restarting interchange will sometimes clear up the problem, but it
> usually reappears a few times over an hour or so.  I'm guessing that
> it is a bad robot or something similar, but I'm just not sure how to
> track down what is causing this or what my solution should be.

It is likely that you have an endless loop or an extremely long loop in
one of your catalogs somewhere.  Track it down to the catalog with the
problem first by eliminating one catalog at a time until the problem
goes away, if you can't do this then set up a separate Interchange
daemon process and move one catalog at a time over to it and you should
be able to tell then.

Once you've tracked down the catalog you'll want to put logging in that
will (hopefully) tell you what page the problem is on.  Something like
this *may* work in your catalog.cfg:

Preload <<EOA
[log]Starting: [data session last_url][/log]

AutoEnd <<EOA
[log]Ending: [data session last_url][/log]

Wait for things to lock up and hopefully you'll get an entry in your
catalog's error.log file with a "Starting:" line but no corresponding
"Ending:" line.  Then you'll know the page and you can then track things
down further from there.

> I am planning on upgrading my hardware soon -- is there any way for me
> to tell if it is a hardware bottleneck?

Doubtful that it's a hardware bottleneck.


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