[ic] Adding Paypal worthwhile?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 14:56:41 UTC 2010

>> I've been considering adding Paypal as a payment option in my IC
>> catalogs. Paypal of course claims that this will result in a significant
>> increase in sales. Before I bother, I was curious to hear the experience
>> of others. Is it worth the effort?
>> DB
> DB,
> I would say yes. It gives them another option if they are uncertain about
> using their personal credit card on your site.

I agree.  I think about 15% of my payments are via PayPal.

> Lyn's paypal module has been working great.

The last time I considered setting up PayPal/IC integration, there was
a security compromise that had to be made.  I think running WideOpen
was necessary.  Is that still the case?

- Grant

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