[ic] user defined functions?

Angus Rogerson arogerso at uwaterloo.ca
Fri Jun 11 11:52:38 UTC 2010

On 10-Jun-10, at 11:55 PM, Samuel Mullen wrote:

> <mime-attachment><ATT00001..txt>

It is likely defined in a file in code/UserTags/, or elsewhere under 
code/. The file is not necessarily named the same as the tag. So, to 
find the [fortune] tag (for example):

$ grep -r "fortune" interchange/code/

gives a file code/UserTags/fortune.tag which has UserTag statements 
defining the function.

This might reveal a file which contains the actual code, or it might 
point you to a module in lib which does the work.

Tags can also be defined in catalog.cfg (and interchange.cfg?)

I don't have unlock-code on my system so I can't give you the actual 
answer. Are you sure you have it? Where did you get it?

Given your example, this seems unlikely, but, is the tag in a 
loop/list/search with prefix "unlock"?


Angus Rogerson
Retail Services, University of Waterloo

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