[ic] Fedex www lookup

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 19:01:26 UTC 2010

>> > Has anyone integrated On-line Fedex lookups, similar to the on-line
>> > UPS lookup?
>> For a non-IC project I've integrated with the Fedex "Ship Services" web
>> services for rating, tendering, voiding, and tracking. They're not too
>> bad, a
>> little easier than the corresponding interfaces for UPS.
>> -Jeff
> "FedEx Ship Services"  So many names..
> Is "Ship Services" the same as their recent "Web Services" ?
> I've been using the FedEx Direct Connect and in 2012 they're shutting that
> down and encouraging people to move to their Web Services.
> Has anyone that uses the Direct Connect migrating to anyone of their other
> services ?  I hate to have to throw out all the code and processes I've
> built around the Direct Connect method.
> Jon

Do you use the CPAN Business::FedEx::DirectConnect perl module?  The
author might migrate the module to Web Services before the deadline
and you'd be able to switch to that.

- Grant

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