[ic] question about Interchange

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Mon Jun 21 12:19:47 UTC 2010

> I am new at web design, I started web design for the primary reason
> of building my own site for my business. I am currently using Paypal
> for my online store and am not happy with how it preforms. If I
> integrated Interchange into my site, could I make it have drop down
> options like I am currently using? How hard would it be to  make it
> work similar to my current set up? RE:
> http://www.vividme.com/prints.html
> Thanks, Jennifer
> JL Hayes Vivid Memories Photography http://www.VividMe.com 
> 803-730-9685

Interchange can do what you ask and just about anything else you want it
to do. There is a steep learning curve however and a beginner can become
quickly frustrated. With persistence you certainly can learn how.

There are hosting providers and consultants who will assist for a fee.
There are of course many other shopping cart solutions available as
well. Interchange can be considered overkill for a very simple website
with just a few products, but you'll find the flexibility hard to match.


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