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> Can multiple instances of IC run without virtualization?


	You can run different versions and yes, even the same version in different directories. But you've brought up something
that I'm seeing on my hosting side, I'm getting more people who will purchase a virtual server per interchange website. The reason
is, you don't have to mess with getting 100 different sites per "instance" of interchange. It's easier to setup the virtual server
per site (and easier to move to a bigger server, or make copies of, if needed - think scaling and mobility). The other reason is
you can then take a copy of the entire server, put it on another Vmware system and test (gee, what happens when I go from 5.6.1 to
5.6.2? Etc...).

	The only time I've ever seen virtualization to be bad, was trying to move an interchange site from a Exim based host. Exim
uses it's own virtual hosts on top of the main host. So, interchange could be in the main host, but the virtual instance can not
get to the main files cause they are hidden.

	You've given me an idea, I will see what it takes to make "interchange" on a Vmware instance an "appliance". What could be
cooler than going to the Vmware site, and downloading a virtual server with interchange ready to roll!


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