[ic] WAS: Re: PCI Compliance. NOW: Virtualization

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 18:57:53 UTC 2010

>> Can multiple instances of IC run without virtualization?
> Grant,
>        You can run different versions and yes, even the same version in different directories. But you've brought up something

Very nice, I didn't know that.

> that I'm seeing on my hosting side, I'm getting more people who will purchase a virtual server per interchange website. The reason
> is, you don't have to mess with getting 100 different sites per "instance" of interchange. It's easier to setup the virtual server
> per site (and easier to move to a bigger server, or make copies of, if needed - think scaling and mobility). The other reason is
> you can then take a copy of the entire server, put it on another Vmware system and test (gee, what happens when I go from 5.6.1 to
> 5.6.2? Etc...).
>        The only time I've ever seen virtualization to be bad, was trying to move an interchange site from a Exim based host. Exim
> uses it's own virtual hosts on top of the main host. So, interchange could be in the main host, but the virtual instance can not
> get to the main files cause they are hidden.
>        You've given me an idea, I will see what it takes to make "interchange" on a Vmware instance an "appliance". What could be
> cooler than going to the Vmware site, and downloading a virtual server with interchange ready to roll!

That sounds awesome, great idea.

- Grant

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