[ic] USPS PARCEL shipping minimum

Glenn McCalley glenn at bnetmd.net
Sat Mar 6 00:34:12 UTC 2010

Brought up USPS "PARCEL" shipping OK, but very light items -- like a weight 
of .01 -- cause an error from the USPS server "Please enter parcel weight". 
These are bumper stickers, lapel pins, buttons etc.  We have to have -some- 
weight to trigger a minimum shipping charge but very small so one of these 
together with something with some weight to it doesn't cause shipping to 
jump $5.00 or something wild.

Problem is it seems USPS requires a minimum weight for PARCEL.  I read 
elsewhere that figure is 6 oz.

Would if be safe to modify usps_query.tag such that
if ($weight == 0 && $ounces < 6) { $ounces = 6;}

I believe that would get minimum shipping while not interfering with larger 
weights.  OR, if there is something I missed in the config that would be OK 
as well...


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