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Paul Street paul-street at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Mar 8 18:22:39 UTC 2010

We have recently taken over the www.clickgolf.co.uk
<http://www.clickgolf.co.uk/>  website and need to find someone who can
help us with some technical issues with the platform/software. We are
running on version Interchange 5.2.0 which I understand is fairly old
now and not many people are still running it. 
If you have any suggestions of who might help us please do let me know.
Regards Paul Street
Mr Paul M Street
Managing Director
Weald Golf Course Ltd
Medway Golf Centre Ltd
 <http://www.golfgeardirect.co.uk/> www.golfgeardirect.co.uk -
<http://www.clickgolf.co.uk/> www.clickgolf.co.uk -
<http://www.weald-of-kent.co.uk/> www.weald-of-kent.co.uk
P.A. Mrs M Walton - 01622 756506   <mailto:medwaygolf at btinternet.com>
medwaygolf at btconnect.com
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