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Wadkins, Raymond rwadkins at mcfina.com
Thu May 6 16:27:34 UTC 2010

You know those theoretical cases where the right combination of
characters in variable data might break something.  We think we've run
into one.


We have an itl page that makes use of [try], but instead of containing
HTML/ITL data, it contains PDF data.  The PDF data is the result of
variable form data merged into a PDF form.  It turns out, that when a
certain string is merged into a certain field, the PDF is becoming
corrupted.  A contiguous series of bytes are being removed from the


After a lot of trial and error, we've narrowed it down to
Vend::Interpolate::try's call to interpolate_html.  If I replace 


$out = interpolate_html($body);




$out = $body;


The file doesn't get corrupted.  I'm guessing that interpolate_html is
encountering something it recognizes and is doing something (though, the
output is only missing data, it doesn't have any extra information in


Has anyone encountered this?  I haven't dug into interpolate_html to
figure out it's purpose.  And the interpolate flag on try isn't making a



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