[ic] Allowing a particular domain access to content

Rene interchange at hertell.com
Mon May 24 15:15:17 UTC 2010

On 24.05.2010 17:05, Paul Jordan wrote:

> Site1 is displaying content through an iframe. I checked and the only
> IP's that are in [env] are the visitor, and Site2, Site1 is only
> mentioned in the referrer. Since the iframe is really called from the
> visitors browser I guess there is really not much I can do.
> Is there anything I can suggest to these people that would make it more
> plausible to achieve this type of security?

Hi Paul!

What you need is a framekiller. There is plenty of different ideas out
there, but here i found a nice place you can start from:


Of course this requires that the user has JS enabled, but the chance the
would not is quite small..


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