[ic] Filter doesn't interpolate by default? Wha...?

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Sat Nov 27 05:29:23 UTC 2010


> From: jon at endpoint.com
> On Sat, 27 Nov 2010, Peter wrote:
> >>> I am having a difficult time imagining a situation when one would use
> >>> [filter foo][/filter] without some sort of ITL tag in-between them.
> >
> > And no record of the decision in git as it goes back to the dawn of our 
> > CVS repo before the great tag breakout. What really surprises me is 
> > that no-one has complained about it until now.
> I have certainly run into problems with the behavior.
> However, since so much filtering is done on data from scratch, values, 
> CGI, and variables, it doesn't make sense to interpolate another tag 
> anyway. Thus these additions from way back:

Yeah, me too. I would hit a wall and end up using sql-filter, or the filter param on cgi, etc. However, I didn't know it worked with [scratch]. I looked a little bit in the docs, but I think I assumed that if it worked on [scratch] I would have remembered.
That was actually my first choice, but you know what they say, assumptions make a dummy of me and mmm look pancakes...
Or something like that :-)
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