[ic] log_transaction question

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Fri Oct 1 18:27:41 UTC 2010

>> Further up in log_transaction I see
>> payment_method: [value mv_payment]
>> payment_mode: [data session payment_mode]
>> I really don't know how these differ - maybe I really want
>> paid: [if value mv_payment eq purchase_order]1[/if]
> paid: [if value mv_payment eq 'purchase_order']1[/if]
> -- 
> Chris Kershaw
> End Point Corp.

Thanks  - I tried that. Sadly I'm still not having any luck. I see
nothing useful in the IC logs.

In a feeble attempt to troubleshoot, I put this stuff at the bottom of
my checkout page (basically a clueless fishing expedition).

[value mv_payment_mode]
[value mv_payment]
[value payment_method]
[value data session payment_mode]

but nothing new appeared on the page. Maybe these values don't get set
until an order is processed.

I looked at some past orders which were paid by purchase order. These
orders have in the payment_method field stuff like "Purchase order 6102".

I could accomplish my goal with a cron job that runs a mysql command or
two, but I'd much rather do it from within IC. More beatings from the
clue stick are welcome.

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