[ic] log_transaction question

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Fri Oct 1 19:10:13 UTC 2010

> Does the "paid" column exist in the transactions table?
> Have you updated the dbconf file for your database? They are located in
> one of these directories: catalogs/storename/dbconf/{mysql|pgsql}
> Thanks,
> Chris
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Yes, the database column exists. I did however discover a typo (missing
space) in the dbconf file which I've corrected. Hopefully that solves
the mystery. Assuming it does, I have one last question.

Should I be using

paid: [if value mv_payment eq 'purchase_order']1[/if] (from Chris)


paid: [if value mv_payment_mode eq purchase_order]1[/if] (from Mike) ?

thanks for everyone's help so far.


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