[ic] Payment Gateway for Elavon via ATOS

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Thu Oct 7 12:51:34 UTC 2010

Quoting Ky Hisberg (kyhis2005 at yahoo.com):
>    >> Ky Hisberg wrote:
>    >> >I am looking to see if there is a payment module available for the
>    credit
>    >> >card
>    >>  >processor  Elavon,  suposidly the largest on in Europe.  The card
>    processor
>    >> >is a
>    >> >company called ATOS that is very active in Germany and France.  I was
>    not
>    >> >able
>    >> >to find anything in the interchange forum.  Does something for these
>    guy's
>    >> >exist?  I am looking for a German site and was told that both Elavon and
>    >> >ATOS
>    >> >acquired the respective business units from Citicorp in Germany.
>    >> >
>    >>
>    >> If it's the same gateway that Elavon uses in the USA, then there's a
>    >> Business::OnlinePayment module on CPAN you could use with Interchange's
>    >> Business::OnlinePayment payment module.
>    >>
>    >> I think I had to patch Interchange's BOP payment module as Elavon
>    >> requires three strings to login; most processors only require a user
>    >> name and password.
>    >
>    > I have also used this module, which is based on the ViaKLIX module.
>    > I also had to hack it a bit.
>    Thanks for the hints.  Since I have not done this before, and from the info
>    that I have ATOS as the in between processor only requires the standart two
>    items password and username it sounds like I need to go after an integration
>    to ATOS.  How do I find out what kind of interface they are running and what
>    module to base the integration on?  Sorry to be so basic, but like I said I
>    am new to this.

If they don't show it as being Elavon Virtual Merchant, it probably has nothing
to do with the US Elavon module. You need to get a link to the developer's area
of the gateway in question. At that point, you should be able to ascertain if there
is support.

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