[ic] Spiders and more lists again - possible bug?

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Thu Sep 2 20:16:21 UTC 2010

> On Thu, 2 Sep 2010, DB wrote:
>> After more digging, it appears that the max_matches that Jon committed
>> here
>> http://git.icdevgroup.org/?p=interchange.git;a=commitdiff;h=72809c4b84bc71dbfc5478d03fce97a81f8d3ece
>> may now be broken.
>> After moving my site to a new machine with a fresh install of IC 5.6.3, 
>> I was unable to get the max_matches feature to work. Just for fun I 
>> replaced the stock DbSearch.pm with an older version that I created 
>> using Jon's code. Then the max_matches began to work again.
> The mv_max_matches feature is new, and thus went into the development 
> branch only. It is not part of Interchange 5.6, just 5.7 and later.
> It's pretty likely you can apply the patch for that commit to your 5.6 
> version without much difficulty, though.
> Jon

Yep - I was able to get it working. I saw the the stock DbSearch.pm
contained the string mv_max_matches so assumed that the feature was
supposed to work. Now you see why I'm not a programmer - I know just
enough to cause trouble.


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