[ic] log_transaction question

Chris Kershaw chris at endpoint.com
Wed Sep 29 15:24:32 UTC 2010

DB wrote:
> I wish to set the value of the "payment_due" field of my transactions
> table to "1" whenever an order is placed as a purchase order.
> I see this section in my log_transaction file
> [if value mv_payment_mode eq purchase_order]
> set credit_limit: [seti credit_limit][data
>                 table=userdb
>                 col=credit_limit
>                 key="[data session username]"
>                 value="-[scratch total_cost]"
>                 increment=1
>         ][/seti]
> [/if]
> Can I add something like an [import]....[/import] statement to this
> section to accomplish my goal

Hi DB,

If "payment_due" is a column in the "transactions" table you will need
to add the field between the import tags which log values to this table.
Look for an import tag similar to the one below in etc/log_transaction

[import table=transactions type=LINE continue=NOTES]

Hope this helps,

Chris Kershaw
End Point Corp.
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