[ic] Release roadmap for Interchange && IRC meeting

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Fri Apr 1 15:39:26 UTC 2011

> > I've been around for over 10 years, I don't remember any wiki.
> It was there for a year or two. Like many things it was most talked about
> once it died:
> http://www.icdevgroup.org/pipermail/interchange-users/2004-April/038769.html
> > Let's put it this way Jon, in the short amount of time Kevin's was in
> > use, and the few people I know of that contributed - namely Kevin,
> > Peter, Gert, and myself, the docs at RTFM are - STILL - head and
> > sholders above the ones one icdevgroups. So clearly something was
> > different.
> Why don't you take it over then? I don't think anyone would object to you
> bringing the RTFM stuff onto icdevgroup.org. That would be great. Any of
> the icdevgroup.org sysadmins would be happy to give you an account and set
> up a database etc. or whatever you need.

What is being suggested exactly? Are you intimating I build a *new* documentation system? I talked to Kevin a few weeks ago, I eventually brought up the wiki because as I mentioned I recently started into a KB for my clients. I never heard back after that point though.
I will help with either of the following:
A: Adding to Kevin's docu system once it is on icdevgroup.org
B: Taking the data from Kevin's docu and inserting it into some other easy to use wiki system.
"A" is my preference and the best for the community. I'll do "B" if the Wiki is as easy as Kevins.
What I will not do is learn some other platform (app server) in order to just get better docs on devgroup's website. This is to say that if I have to open Vi, it should be for interchange, and not Rails, PHP, or anything that has an entirely different "community" around it. This would be only after A or B have been exhausted or failed.
For my clients, I am building a Knowledgbase system that is a combination of help for their customers, dealers, and staff. For the Dealers and Staff, I am hoping to make a formatting engine similar to Kevins (so I don't overstate my abilities when I say make, I mean have Peter make.) I also would like to have context previewing for search results (which probably has to be made as well).
This is why I won't duplicate my efforts (for icdevgroup) in some *third party* software - I'm going to build my own and probably going to have to spend some shiney pennies to get the features that really make a difference. And as Peter knows, anything we do is always available for the community.
I'll do "B" but it should be ready to go - there must be some sort of documentation system or wiki system available online that you can basically "add docs to your project" right? That might sound cheesy but seriosuly, an effort to re-make a wiki in interchange would be short sighted.
Why shortsighted? Because it is just a wiki - I'd rather pitch in to start a Knowledgebase system for Standard that could then be used for the docs on interchange. A Knowledgebase that *every* eccomerce store can use for their customers, and *every* business running those stores can use as their company manual/help system, and may includes wiki-like features.
Let's put it this way - if someone started a KB for Standard, and it would have the initial features of context previewing for search results, rudimentary formating engine (section headings, <code> display, colored boxes), and a linking engine, I'd pre-pay and pitch in $1000.
But like I said, once Peter is done with the work I have for him now, I'll be putting him on the complext features I need or can't do myself - so the above offer expires.
Let me also say that unless we are creating a Wiki Demo, I don't see the value of going to far into features of revision control or user control. Nobody here needs to provide a wiki to the world, they need to use a KB/wiki for their customers and staff.
Let me throw this out there - What is this: http://www.icdevgroup.org/docs/ ? Maybe this can be revamped? If that is ran entirely in IC, then I'd be willing to revmap that. I'd need access to the pages themselvesand the css.
Compare these two pages:
Probably the same content, but the display of the content makes all the differece in the world.

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