[ic] Jobs are slowing IC

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 20:24:16 UTC 2011

>> They're real IC Jobs and they're database-intensive.  I use the default
>> Jobs MaxServers 1 so they don't overlap.
> Ok. Is your database running on the same machine as your app server? If so,
> you may want to consider separating them onto different machines.
> But before doing that, look at whether the database is actually overloaded,
> or whether you have lock contention. If you're using MySQL, are your tables
> MyISAM or InnoDB? MyISAM tables lock completely for any kind of write, so no
> reads can happen till the writing is done. You may need to switch to InnoDB,
> which as other benefits such as transactions as well.

I've read that MyISAM is much faster for reads than InnoDB.  In an IC
environment, is it advisable to keep some tables on MyISAM and switch
those that require a lot of writes to InnoDB?

- Grant

> If you're using another database, you'll still want to look into lock
> contention on both tables and indexes, etc.
> You also may want to consider running more than one of your jobs at a time,
> during off hours, if that makes sense for what they do.
> Jon
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> Jon Jensen
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