[ic] Identify cause of slowness loading returns.html

DB db at m-and-d.com
Mon Apr 25 20:20:25 UTC 2011

> When I use the Foundation catalog's returns.html page, it takes an
> annoyingly long time to load. I'm trying to find a way to speed this up.
> My transactions and userdb tables have grown somewhat large.
> The SQL query is:
> [query st=db arrayref=orders
> 		sql="SELECT
> code,status,nitems,subtotal,shipping,handling,total_cost,payment_method,order_date
> 			FROM transactions
> 			WHERE username = '[data base=session field=username filter=sql]'
> 		ORDER by code
> 		"][/query]
> I try that query directly in mysql for a specific username and it is
> very fast. The complete code from the page is below for reference. Can
> someone suggest what might be causing the delay, and if you're feeling
> generous, suggest a cure?
> DB

Hmm - it seems that when I comment out these lines, things go quite fast:

 [seti export][tag export transactions transactions.txt][/tag][/seti]
 [seti export][tag export orderline orderline.txt][/tag][/seti]

Is there any reason to keep the export commands in place if I'm using mysql?
These txt files have always been a bit of a mystery to me.


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