[ic] installation

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Tue Apr 26 10:39:38 UTC 2011

On 25/04/11 20:09, Ink Puddles wrote:
> I have uploaded all the interchange files to my web server at godaddy, 
> but I am not sure where I go.  Do I just got to  /install_lsb.pl  and 
> setup a mysql database?  I have read the help files, but still lost.  I 
> have setup lots of ecommerce systems before, but not sure where to go 
> from here.

You need to have, at a minimum, a shell account with your host, and I 
would recommend you get either a VPS (such as rackspace cloud servers) 
or a dedicated server.  There is a helpful tutorial on installing 
Interchange at:

Ignore the "Rackspace" part of that, it will work on any VPS or 
dedicated server running CentOS 5 or RHEL 5 or equivalent.  If you want 
to run another distribution (such as debian or ubuntu) then you can 
still get lots of helpful info from that tutorial.


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