[ic] Identify cause of slowness loading returns.html

DB db at m-and-d.com
Tue Apr 26 13:22:36 UTC 2011

> On 26/04/11 08:20, DB wrote:
>> Hmm - it seems that when I comment out these lines, things go quite fast:
>>  [seti export][tag export transactions transactions.txt][/tag][/seti]
>>  [seti export][tag export orderline orderline.txt][/tag][/seti]
>> Is there any reason to keep the export commands in place if I'm using mysql?
>> These txt files have always been a bit of a mystery to me.
> That's fine, but I recommend that you set the following in your catalog.cfg:
> NoImportExternal Yes
> This will prevent Interchange from trying to dump your sql tables and 
> re-import them from the corresponding txt files which would end up being 
> old data for you.
> Also I recommend that you use mysqldump from a cron job to make a backup 
> of your db (if you're not doing so already), as you cannot use those txt 
> files as a backup anymore.
> I generally recommend that people set this regardless as a dump and 
> import from txt files can screw up customizations you've made to your 
> sql tables (not to mention the possibility of importing old data).
> Peter

Thanks for the tip. I already have a line like this:

"NoImport  inventory products userdb"

Should I add

"NoImportExternal Yes"

also or instead?


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