[ic] Barcode Scanner & Software interact with IC?

DB db at m-and-d.com
Fri Aug 5 12:32:57 UTC 2011

> I'm wondering if anybody is/has used a barcode scanner in an office that 
> plugged/collaborated with a Windows PC running (presumably) it's barcode 
> software, that could be programmed to connect to a remote interchange server 
> for things like updating inventory.
> The remote server is locked down is authorized key access, so even if it 
> posted data to a URL (that could then be vetted by customer service).
> I've read in the archives of people using barcode scanners which I presumed 
> were plugged into a linux box, or even directly into the machine running IC. 
> Besides my scenario above, I am wondering on the make/model of scanner you 
> use, and in what way you use it.
> Yes, I am doing me own research online, but if I find someone else doing 
> this with IC, I'd rather do it similarly so that I can hire them if I need 
> help or have trouble.
> Thanks,
> Paul Jordan
> Consulting, Design, & Programming > www.gishnetwork.com
> t.626.275.2517 f.866.401.2657 

I use several type of scanners, some are USB and some plug into a ps/2
keyboard using a special connector. As Jon said, they operate as
keyboards. I've found the the freely available font called "Free 3 of 9"
or "Free 3 of 9 extended" work well. Others exist which are more space
efficient. For most scanners you make a barcode by adding an asterisk
before and after what you wish to encode, and use the barcode font. So
to encode Interchage Rocks, you'd use *Interchange Rocks*


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