[ic] Filter not working after Perl reinstall

Bill Carr bill at bottlenose-wine.com
Tue Aug 30 17:27:03 UTC 2011

After apt-get replaced my non-threaded perl on my Debian box I reinstalled perl and I'm now getting the following error:

Safe: Undefined subroutine &Vend::Interpolate::UnixDate called at (tag 'cgi') line 9

Below is my Filter which references UnixDate

CodeDef date_mysql Filter
CodeDef date_mysql Version $Id$
CodeDef date_mysql Description Format values from date_time widget for MySQL
CodeDef date_mysql Routine <<EOR
sub {
    use Date::Manip;
	my $in = shift;

    $in =~ s/[^\w\d\/\-,: ]//sg; # Remove mystery characters

	my $out = '';
	$out = (join '-', $3, $1, $2) if $in =~ m{^(\d{1,2})/(\d{1,2})/(\d{4})$};
	$out ||= UnixDate($in,"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S");

    return $out;

Using UnixDate in a script outside of Interchange works fine.

How can I fix this?
Bill Carr 
Bottlenose - Wine & Spirits eBusiness Specialists 
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