[ic] Bug in shipping lookup

Sam Batschelet sbatschelet at mac.com
Wed Dec 14 16:15:23 UTC 2011

On Dec 13, 2011, at 1:38 PM, Grant wrote:

> I've noticed that when the shipping cost is based on price, the
> shipping tag determines that cost based on the price field in the
> products table.  Instead, I think this should be done based on the
> field specified by $Config->{PriceField}.  Should I file a bug?

I believe you are seeing this because you have your shipping.asc setup wrong.  In order to setup a shipping value by price you must set it up like standard demo.  Basically once the price parameter is met shipping is free or whatever you specify. But you must also make sure that if it is not met it defaults to weight.  So I believe the way it works is as intended vs a bug.  How were you intending to use shipping by cost?

free_or_upsg:	UPS Ground
	crit	[subtotal noformat=1]
	min		0
	max		99.99
	cost	>>upsg

	min		99.99
	max		9999999
	cost	0.00
	free	Free!

upsg:	UPS Ground
	crit			weight
	at_least		4
	adder			@@[email protected]@ * ($Variable->{UPS_ADDER_PCT} || .20)
	ups				1
	zone			450
	PriceDivide		1
	table			Ground
	ui_ship_type	UPSI
	aggregate		1
	surcharge_table Xarea
	default_geo		45056
	residential		1
	min				0
	max				0
	cost			e No shipping needed!

	min				0
	max				1000
	cost			u

	min				150
	max				9999999
	cost			e Too heavy for UPS

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