[ic] Save Cart and Login

Nikola Lazic nikola.lazic at ntigo.com
Fri Feb 4 22:43:45 UTC 2011

I've been trying to extend the Save Cart functionality such that the Save
Cart buttons are displayed even if the user is not logged in. When clicked a
login box is shown and the user can log in. they are then redirected back to
the same page with the Nickname text input and can save the cart. Same
applies to the Recurring orders.

All of the rendering happens on ord/basket.html, which I have modified to
hold the login for as it is in /login.html.

      Click Save Cart
    Is user logged in?
     |             |
    No            Yes
     |             |
Login box          |
     |             |
Login process      |
     |             |
Enter nickname, click Save
         Cart is saved

I'm running into a problem.

If I clear all my cookies, this works perfectly. However, If I login and
then log out and do the same thing, during the "login process" step I get a
302 redirect to /login with a message "Invalid user name or password."

So, this only happens if I have a cookie already set and have been logged in
with that cookie, but had logged out. I can't replicate the problem with the
built in login page.

I am running Interchnage 5.4.5 and standard catalog. I can provide more info
if needed.


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