[ic] Combine two fields into an SKU ?

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Tue Feb 8 22:36:26 UTC 2011

>> I'm looking for a way to combine a "brand" and an "item_number" (both
>> are fields of the products table) into an sku, so that a link such as:
>> http://www.website.com/order?brand=BrandA&item_number=1234&mv_order_quantity=2
>> Would add 2 of sku BrandA-1234 into a cart. It's possible that the same
>> item_number could be used by multiple brands, so the sku BrandB-1234
>> might also exist.
> Use an ActionMap that takes the brand and sku and rewrites them into a
> single mv_order_item CGI variable, then hands control off to the order page.
> Peter

That looks promising - I didn't find much in the way of documentation
for ActionMap. Is there anything other than looking at examples from the
mailing list?


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