[ic] Country/State table issue

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Wed Feb 16 09:39:27 UTC 2011

>>>> DB wrote:
>>>> > Hi guys, just working on the state and country table and noticed that

>>>> > the
>>>> > code for Ireland in country is IE, but it's value in state has EI for
>>>> > country.
>>>> >
>>>> > In wondering if I am glossing over something, I went to the Demo and 
>>>> > there
>>>> > is clearly something wrong with the country selector. Could be
>>>> > related, but it looks like an issue with the way the <select> is
>>>> >  built.
>>>> The whole UK/Great Britain/Scotland/Ireland thing has always baffled
>>>> me, but take a look at ftp://ftp.zolotek.net/mv/state.txt from Lyn
>>> Nice resource!
>>> But my post is really to report a bug I suppose. EI in the state file 
>>> does not make sense, and the country selector is clearly not working on 
>>> the Demo.
>>> Paul 
>> It has only been broken for almost 5 years looking at the git log. By
>> assigning a geography to each country this apparently had, as noticed
>> now, as a side effect that it broke the display of the country selection 
>> list in the demo.
> It should be fixed in the next rebuild of the Demo .. fingers crossed.
> At least the country drop down .. I did not look at the state situation.

The Demo rebuild shows a more coherent country drop down.

I have now also committed a basic fix for Ireland (IE instead of EI in the
state.txt table).

In the list of Ireland it also has the counties for Northern Ireland. I did
not go into details as to this being correct or not. Whoever installs the
application can make up his/her own mind on this one. Lyn's version looks
quite detailed and also lists a variety of other country states (like
Germany and France). 

But as I will not be the one willing at the moment to maintain this list I
am not going to extend the demo site with this.

For those who seek more insight in England/United Kingdom etc:

But in short, leaving out a bit of 'addenda':
- Great Britain = England, Scotland, Wales
- UK = England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Island

And regarding the GB vs UK ... The 	'ISO 3166-1' code for the United
Kingdom is 'GB', however the usually used TLD is 'UK' ... (if I remember
correctly UK and Ukraine both wanted UK, so they decided to put it GB and UA

Tools such as GeoIP will return 'GB' for United Kingdom IPs .. So when using
this you either have to change GB to UK in order to use it with the current
state/country tables in Interchange, or change your state/country table like
Lyn did, adding GB ... 

Hope that sheds some light.



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