[ic] coupon / discounts

Glenn McCalley glenn at mail.bnetmd.net
Wed Feb 23 14:19:19 UTC 2011

 Hi there,

 We added the coupon capability using the code posted by Duane Hinkley
 several years ago.  This uses a text database to hold the coupon info, a
 UserTag and adds a coupon code input field on the checkout page.  All we
 need is "valid coupon gives 20% off the entire order".
 We -almost- have it working, however:

 - Upon page load, the checkout page displays the error "invalid coupon
 code" -- we can't find out how to make it so that no coupon present is OK.
 Most people won't have a coupon.

 - Using a valid coupon code the discount calculates correctly and displays
 properly for the individual item price and totals, but the line item
 extension still shows the original amount.  How do we get the extension to
 reflect the discounted amount?

I suppose there aren't really -coupon- questions but page behavior.

 IC v5.2, FreeBSD

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