[ic] Is Auto-creation of User Accounts Necessary?

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Mon Jan 3 17:45:41 UTC 2011

> My question is, would an IC catalog set up using the old foundation demo 
> (from version 5.4.2 or earlier) require auto-creation of accounts for 
> all orders, or is that something that I could remove from the 
> transaction process without causing problems?
> I realize that IC catalog setups can vary greatly, so I'd also like to 
> know if there is anything in Interchange's core that depends upon each 
> transaction having an associated user account.
> I'm currently running version 5.4.2 (yes, we'll be upgrading soon!).

Switching from allowing auto creates to only user created accounts is as easy as requiring login at check out.
If you delete all your old autocreates, those users won't be able to log in to place orders under those accounts - or whatever other features you have (I suspect none). If you are keeping the transaction and orderline records for these old records, there may be some things in Admin that break when trying to view old transactions - if they attempt to link to a missing autocreated userdb record - well, maybe not break, but become unavailable.
I'd just leave them in, they won't hurt anything. The only issue you'll face by leaving them in is that a user won't be able to create a username that already exists... U00022... and so on.
If you are wiping out your old transaction and orderlines, then there is no issue wiping out userdb too.
Note that *standard/foundation* needs to create a userdb record at checkout if the user is not logged in. If you are requiring login from now on, you no longer need auto-creates - BUT - I would not go ripping out auto-create code out of the transaction process. Just requiring login is enough to skip all that code and keep everything upgrade friendly.
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