[ic] Died in server spawn: read: closed

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 18:44:40 UTC 2011

>>> I'm getting messages like this in my global error log every few days:
>>> Died in server spawn: read: closed at
>>> /usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Server.pm line 728.
>>> Today a user described what I think was a 500 Internal Server Error
>>> apache2 error page which corresponds to one of these errors.
>>> Does anyone know more about what could be happening or how to track it down?
>>> - Grant
>> Have you checked your Apache error logs for entries at that same time?
>> DB
> I've just done that and I see that the error corresponds to this
> apache2 error message about half of the time:
> close: Broken pipe\n,
> It always seems to be a POST and it can be SSL or not.  Any idea where
> to look from here?
> - Grant

I wonder if this could be solved by increasing SocketReadTimeout:

"This directive is used to configure the amount of time (in seconds)
that Interchange will wait for incoming request data to arrive on an
open socket."


The downside of increasing the value is said to be an increased
susceptibility to a certain type of DoS attack.

- Grant

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