[ic] multi database query clarification

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Wed Jan 19 00:47:28 UTC 2011


I sent a pretty odd issue to the list last month and it never got resolved 
on list, but Peter discovered the non-issue off list for me. I just want 
some clarification on a simple question so my mind can move on.

I have Foundation catalog running under Mysql Database A. I add a table into 
said catalog, but the table is inside Mysql Database B. In my catalog, I put 
the necessary mysql/dbconf files and in the file for this new table I put in 
appropriate dsn, user, and pass info.

This new table, residing in Database B works perfectly fine in my catalog 
along with all foundation tables running under Database A. I can [query] 
this new table using only the name of the table just fine.

However, if I create a JOIN that spans this new table (in Database B) and 
any table in Database A, there are problems. IC will only recognize one 
table. The fix is to use the full dsn... FROM databaseB.newtable AS foo, 

I'm cool with that. However - doesn't Interchange already have this 
knowledge at its fingertips? As per my dbconf files, IC can see that this 
table is clearly in another Database, so why when using this table inside a 
[query], does Interchange not add in the full path itself?

I was surprised to find out this is not the case because I half assumed that 
is what interchange was doing even on simple queries. Is that unreasonable 
to think that if IC has all the proper info that it shouldn't prep the query 
accordingly (at least when using ITL)? After all, that is the assumption for 
a query that does not span multiple databases.

I don't care either way, it just bugged me because Interchange in fact had 
all the knowledge necessary to make it happen, but it didn't do the magic it 
usually does. I spent 8 hours banging my head against a wall (and two hours 
trying to fix this problem) because I thought I had already supplied IC the 
information it would need.


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