[ic] Updating gdbm files

Janine Ohmer janine at furfly.net
Tue Jan 25 07:17:14 UTC 2011

I have an Interchange 5.2.0 installation that has been running smoothly since 2004.  I'm now trying to move it to a new server, and have run into a problem I haven't been able to solve.

The problem is that Interchange on the new system isn't always able to read the old system's GDBM files.  When I move the old file aside and restart Interchange, a new one is created that works, but it doesn't contain all the data from the old one (naturally).

This is made even more peculiar because I have two stores and they are behaving differently.  For a while, one didn't have any GDBM issues at all, while the other wouldn't start up unless I recreated access.gdbm and mv_metadata.gdbm (after which I was unable to log in).  The first one has recently started complaining about component.gdbm, which renders it unusable (server error).  I am not sure, but I wonder if the file becomes unreadable after GDBM has tried to write to it.

The old server is running gdbm 1.07, which is beyond ancient.  The new one has 1.8.0.  Also the old system is a 32 bit Linux (Fedora, I believe) and the new one is 64 bit Centos.  My best guess is that the difference in GDBM versions is the problem.

I'd like to know if anyone else has seen this, and hopefully knows how to fix it?

To stave off the obvious, the next step after getting the sites running as-is, will be to upgrade Interchange. :)



Janine Ohmer (formerly Sisk)
President/CEO of furfly, LLC

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