[ic] Updating gdbm files

Janine Ohmer janine at furfly.net
Tue Jan 25 19:59:37 UTC 2011

On Jan 25, 2011, at 7:46 AM, Grant wrote:

>> GDBM files are not compatible between 32bit and 64bit operating systems.
>> Export all your tables to text files (e.g. from the administration) in
>> order to get the up-to-date data in them. Copy the text files to the new
>> system and remove the GDBM files on the new system. This should fix your
>> problem. I also recommend to get rid of most GDBM files with using
>> DatabaseAuto and managing table structures etc. outside of Interchange.
> This is handy for exporting all tables to text files:
> [loop list="[list-databases]"]
>        [export table="[loop-code]"]
> [/loop]

Thanks to you both!

Seeing as it has been almost seven years since I set up Interchange and I really haven't had to do anything to it since, I have a couple of questions about this:

1.  Not all of my tables are stored in gdbm files;  much of the data is in Postgres, but not all.  I have the following gdbm files:


I don't remember why I set it up this way.  Would I be better off trying to move these tables into Postgres, or are they supposed to be kept separate?  And assuming they should stay separate, does this change your advice at all?

FWIW, I already tried turning on Debug in interchange.cfg and restarting;  It was my understanding that this would flush all databases to text files, but that doesn't seem to have happened (some of the txt files are very old).

2.  Can I paste the code snippet in on the "Test Code" administrators pane, or do I need to put it in an HTML file?



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