[ic] Updating gdbm files

Janine Ohmer janine at furfly.net
Wed Jan 26 01:21:22 UTC 2011

On Jan 25, 2011, at 3:18 PM, Peter wrote:

> On 26/01/11 08:59, Janine Ohmer wrote:
>> 1. Not all of my tables are stored in gdbm files; much of the data is
>> in Postgres, but not all. I have the following gdbm files:
>> .2ndDayAir.gdbm
>> access.gdbm
>> component.gdbm
>> Ground.gdbm
>> ichelp.gdbm
>> locale.gdbm
>> mv_metadata.gdbm
>> NextDayAir.gdbm
>> route.gdbm
>> survey.gdbm
>> variable.gdbm
>> I don't remember why I set it up this way.
> It is done this way by default in the Foundation demo.
>> Would I be better off
> trying to move these tables into Postgres, or are they supposed to be
> kept separate? And assuming they should stay separate, does this change
> your advice at all?
> You can move them into your SQL db if you want.  Be aware that if you
> try to move the variable table into your SQL db then you create a
> chicken and egg problem as you likely have some variables defined which
> tell IC how to access the SQL DB.  You will need to move those specific
> variables out into Variable directives early in your catalog.cfg file if
> you do this.  Note that there is no requirement that you do this.  There
> is no security issue with keeping things the way they are and once you
> get those tables imported properly odds are you won't have any issues
> with them.
>> FWIW, I already tried turning on Debug in interchange.cfg and
> restarting; It was my understanding that this would flush all databases
> to text files, but that doesn't seem to have happened (some of the txt
> files are very old).
>> 2. Can I paste the code snippet in on the "Test Code" administrators
> pane,
> Yes

Thank you all, this worked perfectly.


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