[ic] Interchangers at YAPC::Europe in Riga, Latvia. Don't miss it!

Jure Kodžoman jure.kodzoman at informastudio.com
Wed Jul 13 08:58:53 UTC 2011

What is going on? 

Jon Jensen, Stefan Hornburg and myself (Jure Kodzoman) are going to talk
at YAPC Conference in Riga, Latvia. This is the biggest European Perl
Event with 3 (for now) Interchange developers, so you really shouldn't
miss it!

Date: 15–17 August 2011  |  Riga, Latvia

Read on... Topics are interchange/ecommerce related and very

If you decide to come, there are BENEFITS (many):

 - You get to hang out with people that work with Interchange (which is
not a common event).

 - You will find out what racke has been working on and what is the new
ecommerce weapon to conquer them all. 


 - Find out more about Camps and how you can have development versions
of your sites the way they should be done.


 - Find out how to check usability on your site and improve it from
me :)


 - You get to see Latvia, which is priceless.

 - You get to learn a lot about Perl in general and mingle with Perl
developers and see some Perl celebrities.

Additional bonus:
We buy one beverage (1 beer) to each Interchange user that shows up!

Jure Kodzoman

Informa Studio d.o.o.
A: Zadobrovška cesta 75, SI-1000 Ljubljana
W: http://www.informastudio.com 
E: jure.kodzoman at informastudio.com


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