[ic] Interchange developer release 5.7.7

David Christensen david at endpoint.com
Mon Jun 13 04:59:28 UTC 2011

The Interchange Development Group is proud to announce the release of
Interchange 5.7.7, the latest development version representing all
recent improvements and new features to increase developer efficiency
and fix bugs.

The software and more detailed change logs are available here:


SHA1 hashes of the release files:

0e8ecf266ee209e960fa01e03e05ed5c8a637bcb  interchange-5.7.7.tar.bz2
fa46db07ef161ad03b627725d3aee81b698f0528  interchange-5.7.7.tar.gz
2c2ad077e69b4e170214d968e6941dce7c38ad18  interchange-5.7.7.tar.xz

Detached PGP signatures signed by my key (id CE699D4E) are alongside
each file for download and verification.

Further information and links to documentation and the user discussion
mailing list are at:


David Christensen
Interchange Development Group

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