[ic] Hello Please Read This Message For My Best Offer (Flithost.com)

admin at flithost.com admin at flithost.com
Fri Jun 24 04:20:56 UTC 2011

Hello Sir,

My name is Justin. I am owner of www.flithost.com I have one nice offer 
for you. I see you have PHP cms.

I would like to offer free hosting for 1 year who wants to use/try your 
cms. This free hosting will also increase use of your script and more 
people will singup and use you script.  This is not the only thing we 
want to offer. We do offer 5% of our income we make by people refers by 
your site. This is win-win condition. We will make clients for our 
hosting and you will get two benefits as mention above. First one is 
more people will use your script and second one is you will continuously 
get 5% income of all people referred by you.

Below is sample calculation,
Let say we get 250 signups for free hosting from your site in a year, 
and let say 200 has continued with us so we get paid for 200 users. Let 
say they signup for silver plan. So we make 200x$2.49 usd which makes 
$498 usd. It make your commission $24.9 and in a year you can make 298.8 
($300 approximate). This income will keep increasing as referred people 
increase.  Please note this affiliate offer is only available for 
silver, gold and platinum plans.

We will provide you custom banner for your site, we will also provide 
affiliate tracking id. You just need to recommend our hosting for your 
product. We use linux dedicated server with world best cpanel hosting.

Looking forward to hear from you. Please contact me at 
admin at flithost.com


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