[ic] Edit Component not saving changes

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Fri Mar 4 22:12:07 UTC 2011

Quoting Peter (peter at pajamian.dhs.org):
> On 05/03/11 03:57, Mike Heins wrote:
> >We don't really support that component editor much any more, which is
> >why it is disabled by default. I suggest you try editing manually. If
> >you don't have shell or FTP access, you can use the Admin file
> >transfer facility.
> >
> >We should probably just pull the whole thing out of 5.7.
> I'd have to vote against that.  I have clients that use it and it
> works fine for them, pulling it out would make core upgrades a lot
> more difficult for me.

I withdraw my suggestion. This was certainly not my favorite part
of the code I did for IC, and so I am always looking for ways to
kill it. 8-)

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