[ic] Interchange 6 News

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) racke at linuxia.de
Mon Nov 14 09:04:34 UTC 2011

Hello, Interchange 6 enthusiasts!

You didn't hear from me for a while as I was busy with traveling and
project work.

Jure, Luka and me traveled through USA and Canada in the first two
weeks of October. We went to the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop and delivered
two talks:

Modern PerlCommerce (Racke)

Usability testing (Jure)

I went also to German Perl Workshop and delivered a talk about Dancer:


Other activities are a bunch of upgrades to Nitesi and the first
Interchange 6 project almost ready to launch:


The next things planned for Interchange 6

* layout for demo shop (Jure)
* navigation (categories/menus)
* default database layout (Racke/Sebastian)
* payment
* shipping

For online payment I'll rely on Business::CreditCard and
Business::OnlinePayment. Is anyone aware of differences
between Business::CreditCard and the credit card code
which lives in Order.pm?

It's really important in order to get a release out of
the door to have people participating with programming,
research, testing and writing documentation.

So what you can do?

* move Interchange code into plain Perl modules and
   provide a wrapper for Interchange 5 (the shipping
   tags Lyn just provided on the list would be an excellent

* write more tests

* write Dancer plugins to replicate things we are using
   in Interchange (history, robot testing, ...)

* help with demo store, especially with researching

* spread the word (write blog posts, reviews, ...),
   research the competition

* ... much more ..

Please contact me here, on IRC or per email if you
are interested and have a little bit of time to share.

So if everything proceeds as fast as we hope, we are
thinking about doing Interchange 6 trainings and/or
hackathons next year in Europe and/or USA. If you
are interested, please contact me as we need to
plan that probably and far in advance.

Finally, I got a couple of projects in my queue
(normal stores, online reservation systems, ...).
If you want to learn what Interchange 6 is about
on-the-job, I can fill you in very quickly. Please
don't expect much more than a marginal fee for this

That's for now, enjoy!


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