[ic] googling for IC info

Daniel Davenport dances_with_peons at live.com
Tue Nov 22 20:20:10 UTC 2011

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> So how do you guys do a Google query for information related to
> Interchange without getting 72,000 results about "data interchange
> standards" "merchant interchange fees" etc., etc.  The word "interchange"
> so generic how do you get specific to the IC store application?
> We are starting down the "gift certificate" road and although I've found -
> some- material in the icdevgroup.org site and list archives I've got be
> there is more out there.
> Thanks!
> Glenn.

Usually, I don't.  :P  If it's not on icdevgroup.org or in the mailing lists
(or linked from one of those), I usually just figure out something on my
own.  It's a pain finding info on IC outside of those two places.

I just tried, though, and noticed if you put "interchange" and "ic"
together, more relevant results make it to the top.  Most people talking
about little-I "interchange" don't abbreviate it "IC".


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