[ic] A static page with search results

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Sun Oct 9 15:24:24 UTC 2011

> Lisa said...
> I've been searching the groups for answers so perhaps I'm not asking
> the correct question...
> I need to create a static page which embeds/includes (?) actual search
> results... i.e.
> START WITH A DISPLAY SIZE, you can choose up to two displays:
> I want the following items to display on the page itself... (rather
> than a link to the items)
> [area href=scan
> search=|
> fi=products
> st=db
> co=1
> sf=category
> se=raymarine
> op=rm
> nu=0
> sf=prod_group
> se=multifunction
> op=rm
> nu=0
> ml=50
> |
> ]
> What am I missing? I've tried a number of different things which do
> not work!
> Please help! Also, please be as specific as possible as my programming
> skills are lacking!

Hi Lisa, are you looking for the loop search or a query?


For the above, click on the "search" parameter and read the documentation on 

For more complex searching, there is the query tag:



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