[ic] Interchange 6 Features and Release date

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Tue Sep 27 14:57:16 UTC 2011

On 28/09/11 03:09, Paul Jordan wrote:
>> But primarily should the workflow be easy to adjust. Multi- or single
>> page forms etc.
> Configurable by an Admin just for checkout?

I think we should have one or the other for starters, just so we can
avoid over-complicating the first demo.  I do think that we should
template the various sections of the checkout so it's easy to
incorporate those into various different checkout layouts and makes for
future customization easier.

> #1 gateway data, or encrypt

While I would like to get rid of the "encrypt and email" payment method,
I don't think it's reasonable to do so.  I think that any and all
payment methods should be BOP modules, though, so we can write a BOP
module that just encrypts the CC data and sends an email.  I think that
we should make sure that this and paypal are both supported out of the
box, other payment gateways would be great too (and should be there
anyways due to BOP) but those two are the most important, imo.

> #2 Payments accepted (CC, paypal, money order)

Again, I think for simplicity each of these can simply be considered a
separate payment module.

> #3 Show mail lists
> #4 Send Double Opt in if new to list

I think that we should leave mail list support out for our first release.

> #5 activate post_transaction subs
> #5 would be extensions the developer can add in, like: send email
alerts on certain sku's, noticies to third party fullfillment, noticies
to upline on network marketing system for certain order data (like
enrollment products, etc), adding pending affiliate payment into payment
tables, etc.

Customization hooks are paramount, imo.  We should avoid the trap of
having five different ways to write a hook, though, they should all be
uniform in the way they work.  I think that hooks should have a
registration system that will work with multiple subs.

Plugins can then use these very same hooks and even add hooks of their own.

> I would say single or multi page checkout, but I've not found anyone
> that wants single page anymore.

I have clients that still use single page.  Anyways, I think we should
pick one type of checkout now and expand to others (possibly with a
plugin) later.  I vote for single page solely due to simplicity (which I
really think we should be aiming for in an initial release).

> Shipping and taxation of course are a whole nother ball of wax.

Right, again I want to aim for simplicity, so for shipping I think that
we should start off with a blank hook and plug in a very simple sub into
it, like just an example that does price per lb or something.  Because
of the hook entire plugins can be written to do UPS/FedEX/whatever.


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