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Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Aug 20 12:58:34 UTC 2012

Quoting Derek Tracy (Derek at thesdr.com):
> Hello,
> Is there a way to export my customers as well as orders to an excel
> spreadsheet?

Log into the administration for Interchange. Go to:

	Tables -> transactions -> Export Data -> Multiple Table

Click the "Uncheck All" link at the bottom of that page. Then
check userdb,transactions,and orderline. Check the box for 
"Create XLS Spreadsheet". Click "Perform Export" button.

The result page will provide a liink to "Download XLS File".

> Is there a way to access the MySQL database? If so, could
> you please provide me with the steps on how to do so?

Interchange is allowing you to access your database through it's admin. 
But you can access your MySQL database with many tools. The
info on how to do that would be in that tool's documentation.

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