[ic] Shift to Mobile = AOL dynamic IP's revisited

Josh Lavin josh at perusion.net
Fri Dec 28 23:35:14 UTC 2012

Quoting Grant (emailgrant at gmail.com):
> I noticed my Android phone (Galaxy Nexus) wasn't keeping items in the
> cart on my store.  I looked closer and a new session ID was being
> appended to links with each request.  I restarted the phone and it
> started working again.
> I'm thinking this must have been due to cookies not working in the
> browser, the IP address changing with each request, and WideOpen not
> being set.  I remember this issue for AOL users a long time ago, but
> now I'm thinking it over again with the shift to mobile.

_Is_ your phone's IP changing with each request?

Josh Lavin
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