[ic] Shipping based on Price and wheigt

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Feb 13 17:22:33 UTC 2012

Quoting Paul Jordan (paul at gishnetwork.com):
> >From: Salvador C.
> >>Quoting Salvador C. (ea3bkz at amsat.org):
> >>>I would like to create a new shipping method based on the price and
> >>>weight, with the following conditions:
> >>>
> >>>If total weight is less than X or the total  price is higher than Y
> >>>  shipping cost = 0
> >>
> >>Use chains. The following is untested, but should work.
> >>
> >>free_or_check_weight: UPS Ground
> >>crit [subtotal noformat=1]
> >>min 0
> >>max 99.99
> >>cost >>free_or_upsg
> >>
> >>min 99.99
> >>max 9999999
> >>cost 0.00
> >>free Free!
> Have I been under the incorrect notion that the two should not
> overlap? In the above, if the subtotal is 99.99, which is used? I've
> always set my ending range to 99.99, then my next beginning at
> 100.00, or even 99.991. But using 99.99 for both seems ambiguous.

It isn't, because the first match will always win. You could even make
all the beginning numbers zero, if you wanted.

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