[ic] {Spam?} Re: Installation INTERCHANGE Need Help

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 16:32:52 UTC 2012

>> Dear Sir,
>> I'm trying to install interchange on a Linux Debian.
>> I try to follow your online guide but i m a little bit stuck regarding
>> the link between APACHE2 and interchange.
>> I would like to know if you have somewhere a detail documentation
>> regarding the installation of interchange from scratch on a DEBIAN or
>> another LINUX. At least to finish on the WEB UI.
> Hi Christophe,
> There are basically 2 choices for linking. tlink (ip based) or vlink
> (sockets).  After installing Interchange, you can go into the
> interchange/bin directory and run ./compile_link  This will create and
> put both the two link files in interchange/src/ directory.  They will be
> named something like "tlink." and
> "vlink._home_me_www.websitename.com_interchange_etc_socket" (they will
> be different for you...)  These files ARE the compiled links.  Pick
> which ever one that you want to use (ip or sockets) and put that in your
> cgi bin with the right permissions and you should be OK.  It is also OK
> to rename these in your cgi bin after you compile them.

Rick is right, those are the two basic choices for linking.  There is
also a third choice called Interchange::Link which is what I use and I
like it a lot.  Here it is:


- Grant

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