[ic] Paypal question

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) racke at linuxia.de
Sun Jul 15 19:08:28 UTC 2012

On 07/15/2012 08:52 PM, DB wrote:
>>> I have customers who use Paypal whine now and then about having to fill
>>> out the name, address etc. of the IC checkout form before they get sent
>>> to Paypal, where their address may then get changed to what Paypal has
>>> on file for them. Is my Paypal set up wrong or is this by design?
>>> Dave
>> Both ... by default your order profile will require all the standard items the
>> same as for a credit card checkout, but if you change the profile then they
>> will not have to fill out anything at all.
> OK thanks for the hint. In my profiles.order I see:
> __NAME__                       paypalexpress
> &fatal = yes
> policy_agree=required You must agree to our policies to checkout
> email=required
> email=email
> &set=mv_payment PaypalExpress
> &set=psp Paypal
> &set=mv_payment_route paypalexpress
> &final = yes
> &setcheck = payment_method paypalexpress
> __END__
> And I see that my catalog.cfg has:
>          fname=required
>          lname=required
>          address1=required
>          city=required
>          country=required
>          state=multistate
>          zip=multizip
>          &or phone_night=phone, phone_day=phone Must have day or evening
> phone number
>          email=required
> endif
> So perhaps I could define a COMMON_ORDER_PROFILE_PAYPAL that requires
> only a phone number for example, and then change the paypalexpress
> profile to look for that instead?

I would just replace __COMMON_ORDER_PROFILE__ in the paypalexpress
profile with the fields you require in order to follow the KISS principle.


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