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On 2012-06-18, at 5:09 PM, Garneaus Garage Inc. wrote:

>  HI, I am in the process of expanding my companies website and am interested in your shopping cart software.  I learned of your software because my website host lists you as a tool source for all accounts.  I would like to know how I can install the software into my site?
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Hi Shawn,

If your host provides interchange then there probably is not a lot of 'installing' involved. You would probably tell your sales rep at the hosting company that you want  to use interchange. They would probably set up a default catalog for you and give you two urls on their ecommerce server: the customer entrance and the administration entrance. To add your products, images and descriptions you would go to the admin entrance, and edit the products tables and configure things the way you want them. Once you were happy with everything, you would probably change the places on your current website where you currently go to http://garneausgarage.com/pages/store/store.html to point to the interchange customer entrance instead. From there on your customers would browse products using interchange instead of the static pages you currently maintain by hand.

Have a look at the on line demo store at: http://demo.icdevgroup.org/ to see what the two entrances look like. On this demo you can experiment with the admin entrance to see whether you think you will be able to set up your store the way you want it.

If you have an inventory management system in your store that is capable of exporting product information then you could probably set up something to automatically send product and inventory information to interchange automatically.

If your host does not have Interchange installed then you will need an account on their ecommerce server which has full shell access. You will also need someone with the skills to follow the installation instructions found on the icdevgroup.org documentation pages. Look for the sections on installing without root access. You also need to make sure that person has an understanding of the security implications of the choices they make during setup.

Hope that helps,


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